Mission Statement
To tirelessly strive to provide the utmost in reliability, superior customer service and customer education.
Raising the expectations of owners, managers and other decision makers regardless of business size with respeect to standards and NEC compliance.


Core Philosophy

Every client deserves the best, without regard to the size of their company.  Every company that depends on technology to conduct its business should have access to the utmost in professionalism and quality of workmanship.

Core Belief

Obtaining quality & reliable infrastructure installation and support services should -
only require selecting the right vendor, 
not spending yourself out of business.


The unseen, forgotten enemy that may be stealing your profit ...

     is having a silent, but significant, impact on the bottom  line for a large percentage of professioinal/commercial lease space buildings.

A/OIC and associated hardware appliances can easily drive operational costs for a mid-sized (say, 9 story) building having experienced average tenaant turnover for 25 years up by more than $10,000 annually.
A/OIC Remediationn Services, performed by trained personnel, can:
  • Reduce energy consumption and cost


  • Uncrease usable space in critical areas


  • Recover technology assets


  • Increase service access to critical building services, saving time therefore money