CMoT is addressing the threats of
Abandoned / Obsolete Infrastructure Cabling

with a team of specially trained personnel ensuring non-destructive remediation of abandoned/obsolete infrastructure cabling, moving your business forward without impacting active services or operations.

Abandoned/Obsolete Infrastructure Cabling is largely an 'out of sight - out of mind' problem that ends up ignored by most technology departments, business owners and building owners.

No longer is it a mere nuisance, it is and has been since 2002; a National Electrical Code VIOLATION, since 2002.

National Electric Code Handbook Excerpt -

725.25 - Abandoned / Obsolete Infrastructure  Cable

The accessible portion of abandoned Class 2, Class 3 and PLTC cables shall be removed. (Unless clearly & durably tagged for future use)

BOMA (Building Owners & Managers Association).has recently estimated not less than 60,000,000,000 feet of abandoned infrastructure cabling in lease space plenum.

60,000,000,000 ft. = 11,363,636 miles! 

That 11,363,636 miles of unused cabling working against your building and your business in many ways.

Security –

Physical security is the first building block and remains key in deploying and maintaining a secure network.

Question: Would you intentionally leave in place physical connections to your business network available from outside your work area?

Answer: Of course not, no technology professional would.

However, failure to fully evaluate (or have evaluated) the presence of Abandoned / Obsolete Infrastructure Cabling, subsequently having it removed potentially leaves uncontrolled points of access to your proprietary business data and your clients personal information.

Return On Investment (ROI) –

A thorough clean-up of Abandoned / Obsolete Infrastructure Cabling ensures that network resources; such as:
patch panel ports
switch ports
termination block points
telephone lines & extensions
and more can be properly allocated and used optimally prior to the expense of purchasing of additional assets.

Saving Money –

Many times commercial lease-space sees a dozen or more tenants come-and-go, each installing (or having installed) the necessary technology infrastructure to carry on business.  Technology marches relentlessly forward, making obsolete all but the latest installations.  In the wake of tenant migrations and technological evolutions commercial lease space plenum becomes the dumping area for usually three to five generations of infrastructure, sometimes as many as a dozen or more.

The most obvious problem created by Abandoned / Obsolete Infrastructure Cabling, usually left behind by a previous tenant of the space is the weighing down of and subsequent warping/breaking of ceiling tiles.

The 'unseen' problem with Abandoned / Obsolete Infrastructure Cabling is its impact on the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems.  Inefficiencies in your workspace heating and cooling have significant impact on both building owners/managers and business owners.

Reducing operating costs - the effect on air flow in plenum space causes increased work loads on exhaust fans, both increasing energy consumption for the business owner and maintenance and potentially replacement requirements for the building owner / manager.

Decreasing lost work time - all unnecessary materials in the plenum, no matter how small, have an impact on the designed air-flow of the building. Collectively, layers of abandoned technology can potentially increase employee sick-time by decreasing the exhaust air flow sufficiently to allow the unintentional recycling of germ or virus contaminated air that would ordinarily be exhausted.